ADONI 2016 - L'Ottica Adattiva in Astronomia in Italia

Firenze 12-14 aprile, 2016
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Gender Equity

Following SPIE proc. 9148, 91481V "Gender equity issues in astronomy: facts, fiction, and what the adaptive optics community can do to close the gap", d'Orgeville et al., we publish (as pointed out in the first bullet of sect. 5.2) the current gender statistics on this WorkShop, recalling that the aim of the cited reference is participation "...up to and if possible beyond the current ~15% level of women participants" (pag.19, shortly before sect.5).

Computations are based on first name and are considered rather accurate, given the workshop is confined to Italian speaking partecipants. Variance are roughly computed assuming being the square root of the value. Figures are expressed in percentage and rounded to the closest unity.

The SOC is composed by 2 female out of 8 members (25+/-18)%. Registrations count 16 females out of a total of 85 (19+/-5)%.
Talks proposed by females are 10 out of a total of 42 (24+/-8)%

Figures looks consistent with the 15% aim for the first two cases and exceeds such goal by one sigma in the third case.

Actual participations counted 15 females out of a total of 74 (20+/-5)%.
Actual talks been given by females are 10 out of a total of 40 (25+/-8)%

Both these actual last figures exceeds the 15% goal by one sigma.

The chair of the SOC, Roberto Ragazzoni